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We are a small group of individuals who came together to expand the horizon of artistic and scientific debates around quantification and accountability in society. Through this project  we aim to engage artists and academics in an exchange and co-creation around numbers. The project involves a photography prize which aims to guide the lens of photographs around the world towards quantification, its aesthetics, and its effects/affects on humans, their bodies, their relations/lives, but also nature and human's relations to it. The submissions would then be used as the basis for academic reflections/developments. Following two academic workshops involving a selected group of scholars working at the crossroads of art and accounting/quantification we aim to publish an edited volume which would include prints of selected photographic submissions and academic contributions/reflections.


This is an invitation to think about how our lives are changing due to the rising capacity and urge to quantify. Below are some of the questions for which we search “fresh” answers. What accounts do we create (or forget to create) as we quantify? What practices have emerged or vanished as a result of quantification? What intended and not intended consequences it brings about? What controversies and difficulties lie under the apparent rationality of this process?

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WAFA KHLIF   Co-organizer

Wafa Khlif is a writer, researcher and teacher. She is professor at the Toulouse Business School in Barcelona. She addresses and investigates the themes of unstable boundaries (professional, corporate, boardroom) questioning transparency as a moral imperative and a notion of fundamental dominant thinking of an unmitigated hegemonic capitalist system. Her experience in investigation, animation and cultural management led her to develop recently Unir.proyecto, a citizen platform of debates, meetings and collaborative projects, focusing on current issues in the social, economic and cultural fields.  Besides her academic research, Wafa writes texts and poetry. A collaborative work (video) from a poem she wrote has been selected and exhibited SomoS (September 7-19) and Kastanien Berlin (October 11 to 27).



Afshin Mehrpouya is Professor and Chair of Accounting at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He trained as a medical doctor in Iran and also holds an MBA and a PhD in Management. His research is broadly in the genealogy of ideas and the sociology of quantification in transnational governance. He currently studies the construction and use of calculative devices, such as rankings and ratings, in regulatory regimes. Afshin’s other line of inquiry is at the crossroads of artistic and knowledge work. By studying the process of artistic creation with an epistemological/ontological lens he aims to breach the frontier between academic and artistic modes of inquiry.


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