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Why participate?


Short-list work

Our curatorial board comprising of academics and artists will short-list work considered most effective and relevant to the project in visual story/series categories. All short-listed photographers will receive:

  • Downloadable certificates - will also be invited to the online ceremony, including winner announcements, presentations.

  • Publication - submissions will be highlighted online via our official website (personal profile will be created) and social media platforms such as Instagram.

  • Exhibitions -  all short-list works will be featured at exhibitions in major artistic venues in Edinburgh and Barcelona.

  • An edited book - some of the submissions will also be included in an edited book volume that will be published based on contributions from the members of the Re-Count Curatorial Board.

  • Feedback- all short-list works will receive feedback and recommendations from the academic and artistic committee.


For the exhibitions we will cover:

  • 100% of printing and framing expenses for few outstanding submissions

  • 50% of printing and framing expenses for several shortlisted photographers.




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