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Our Curatorial Board

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I am a French-Tunisian director of photography. I started my career in France and in England by doing an internship on "Star Wars episod one", and then became an assistant director alongside renowned directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci, Cédric Klapisch, Sophie Marceau, David Mackenzie or Deepa Metha. My skills quickly led me to practice my profession at an international level, working on auteur projects as well as blockbusters in Africa, Europe, Asia or South America. 

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I am  a writer, researcher and teacher. I am professor at the Toulouse Business School in Barcelona. My work addresses  themes of unstable boundaries (professional, corporate, boardroom) questioning transparency as a moral imperative and a notion of fundamental dominant thinking of an unmitigated hegemonic capitalist system. My experience in investigation, animation and cultural management led me to develop recently Unir.proyecto, a citizen platform of debates, meetings and collaborative projects, focusing on current issues in the social, economic and cultural fields.  Besides  academic research, I write texts and poetry. 

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I am a Professor and Chair of Accounting at the University of Edinburgh Business School. I trained as a medical doctor in Iran and also hold an MBA and a PhD in Management. My research is broadly in the genealogy of ideas and the sociology of quantification in transnational governance. I currently study the construction and use of calculative devices, such as rankings and ratings, in regulatory regimes. My other line of inquiry is at the crossroads of artistic and knowledge work. By studying the process of artistic creation with an epistemological/ontological lens I aim to breach the frontier between academic and artistic modes of inquiry.

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I'm a Professor of Accounting. I hold a Chair in Accounting at the University of Edinburgh Business School and I'm co-editor-in-chief of Critical Perspectives on Accounting. My research examines the economic, political and social impact of accounting. I'm currently working on a projects concerned with financial innovation in the charitable sector, pharmaceutical companies, prisons and neoliberal governance.  

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I’m an academic and activist. I work as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh Business School. I gained myPhD at the London School of Economics. Before that, I spent three years living in London, Ontario, where I got to know Jamelie Hassan and Ron Benner; it was also a time when my interest in the intersection of art, culture and political activism came together. 

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I’m an associate professor of accounting at the LSE. I Studied Sociology at the Universität Bielefeld and Accounting and Sociology at the LSE and Political Science. I’m actually working on the quantification of decency. It seeks to contribute to our understanding of the multifaceted relations formed between instruments of quantification, economy and morality, and the roles of rating, ranking and performance measurement in mediating between conflicting values and rationalities.

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II’m a full professor at the Centre Maurice Halbwachs (École Normale Supérieure, Paris) and a member of the Center for the Study of Invention and Social Process (Goldsmiths University of London). I’m a member of the French National Advisory Council on Ethics. My book, Statactivisme, edited volume with Isabelle Bruno and Julien Prévieux, dedicated to analyze ways in which ordinary people use statistics to enhance their power against institutions. Recently, I’ve been working on a project on big data in the domain of health and especially in genomics.

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I'm a cultural manager and independent curator. I hold a degree in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master's Degree in Research in Cultural Theory and Criticism from Carlos III University. I have received grants to develop my work internationally through training and research stays in Spain, China, the United States and Germany.

I'm currently focusing my curatorial practice on the photographic medium, exploring issues of gender and identity.

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I'm a french artist. I hold an MA from both the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris Cergy and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. My last solo exhibition took place at the Maréchalerie, Contemporary Art Museum, in Versailles, France, and I published La dérive des météores (ISBN 978-2-918512-19-6). 

My work questions the ambiguous relationships that we have with our ecological environment. She creates hybrid objects, halfway between urbanity and wilderness, control and disorder, reality and fiction. Her outdoor interventions are like anomalies that end up adapting and mingling with their environment. 

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I'm a social scientist, working at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, France. I'm interested in performativity, and most of my ideas about this are spelled out in my book 'The Provoked Economy: Economic Reality and the Performative Turn' (Routledge, 2014). My most recent empirical research is a cultural critique of business school education. And my current, ongoing research project is on financial imagination in paranoid, conspiratorial thinking (and paranoid, conspiratorial thinking in financial imagination). 

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I work with hybrid moving image and photographic processes to create an ‘analogue uncanny’ where the materials of my work create narrative layers. The worlds I create  are permeated by hauntings, spectres and memories: scenes emerging from chemical alchemy, lenses made from natural materials and antique glass, archive cut and collaged onto itself to create new compositions; my methods capture memories inherent in the molecular structure materials my uses, capturing light, time and emotion. My work has been shown widely in exhibitions and events in the UK and worldwide including at the Barbican, Tate Exchange, Adelaide Festival Centre, By Art Matters China, Fermynwoods Contemporary, Milton Keynes Art Centre, and Maysles Centre New York. 

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I am the director and co-founder of Goutal Gallery in Aix-en-Provence.Responsibility for managing the gallery team in France and abroad, taking care of communication, forging partnerships (museums, sponsorship). Teaching also at all levels of higher education. Former student of ENS ULM, agrégé in physical sciences, member of the jury of competitive examinations for major schools (ENSAM, Mines-Ponts, CCINP, etc.).Trained in Economics and Visual Arts (with Chris Killip) at Harvard University, I'm a passionate cultural entrepreneur and higher education teacher.

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