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  1. You can enter the contest on the Submit page.

  2. Before submitting your work, please, read the upload instructions below.

  3. Our submission process is completely FREE, and we're open to entries from anyone, anywhere.


Image File Characteristics:

  • File Name: The file name should be in the format of "your last name"_"photo number".

  • Image Format: All images must be in jpeg, png, or jpg format.

  • Image Size: Images should have 72 dpi and be no smaller than 1MB and no larger than 5MB. The longest side of the image should be 1280 pixels.

  • Colour Model: All images must be saved in the sRGB color model.

  • Post-Production: Post-production is allowed, but images should not have any signature, logo, copyright, or watermark text.

  • Individual Titles: If images have individual titles, these can be included in the title box during the upload process.

  • Revisions: Once submitted, revisions to the submission are not possible.


  • Minimum Submissions: While we require a minimum of three images to be submitted, we encourage applicants to submit more works, including portfolios and series.

  • Maximum Submissions: Each submission allows for a maximum of 15 photos to be uploaded at once, but multiple submissions are welcome.

  • Text Enhancements: We highly encourage you to complement your photo submissions with text that enhances the visual narrative and articulates how your work relates to the theme of our project.
    The text can establish a fluid and flexible connection with the photos, allowing for prose, poetry, storytelling, descriptions, information, or any other content/format. We welcome submissions in a variety of languages, extending beyond French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Persian and more.


  • No limitations on the type of camera or equipment used for the photographs.

Upload instructions

Payment instructions
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